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City and park fountains

The fountain for the city has always been and will be a decoration and a feature. It always attracts residents, even if the fountain is small and simple.

Fountains in shopping and entertainment centers

For the shopping and entertainment center, the fountain is a feature and a great place to attract new customers.

Light-musical fountains

This innovation and modern art. Such fountains attract many people, they fascinate and make them talk.

Light-dynamic fountains

Fountains, which are based on water, movement and music. This is a unique combination that will not leave even the masters and creators indifferent.

Sculptural fountains

The sculptural fountain is unique. There are no two identical sculptural fountains, this is a creative decision that makes a style.

Pedestrian fountains

A novelty in the territory of SND is pedestrian fountains, for which an external concrete bowl or special construction is not needed.

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Landscape Design

We will realize any style, whether natural with winding paths and paths, symmetrical lines and beautiful alleys or an organic combination of different styles and themes.

Construction of reservoirs

An artificial pond is the most picturesque place in the garden. Artificial ponds soothe and create a wet microclimate in your area, which is especially pleasant in hot weather.


Thanks to professional landscaping, you can create an atmosphere of harmony and beauty, improve indoor air quality, and feel modern comfort.

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