Construction of reservoirs,

Artificial pond is a great idea for those who have a plot and want to give the territory a special highlight and unique design. Water creates a romantic mood and atmosphere, relieves stress, improves the microclimate and increases the comfort of the recreation area. The reservoir allows not only to significantly decorate the territory, but also, increasing its total cost, to make a profit. The company «LandsUA» professionally performs the construction of artificial ponds of various sizes and configurations. The picturesque reservoirs in our performance are traditionally recognizable and unique. Free consultation on the creation and maintenance of reservoirs, as well as a preliminary calculation of the cost of work can be obtained by contacting our specialists.


Designing Design
To design a design specialist visits the site, develops a plan for creating a reservoir, selects the type and technology, taking into account the landscape and the wishes of the customer. We create and offer you a project using computer programs 3D visualization. After this, the estimate is drawn up and the contract is concluded.


Implementation on the site
At this stage, we are implementing a previously prepared project. Using modern technologies, original design solutions, only high-quality materials, the company "LandsUA" is capable in the shortest possible time to turn your site into an image space, make your stay there more comfortable.


Professional care
Care for the pool should be regular and professional. We will help not only to clean the pond of fallen leaves and other debris, but also help restore the natural biological balance of your water body, create a practically self-sufficient ecosystem that requires minimal maintenance.

Our advantages


Experienced Masters
With professionalism and creative approach we carry out each project.


Recent trends
To date, we can offer you the latest trends in the construction of reservoirs.


We give a guarantee on the reservoirs that we build.