Landscape design

construction of reservoirs
Our studio is engaged in landscape design, landscaping of interiors, construction of swimming pools, ponds, fountains, streams. We are complex approach to the development of the site, from the landscape project (landscape design) to its implementation (landscaping the site, landscaping), as well as subsequent maintenance of the site. Landscaping projects are created for each site individually, taking into account the ideas and wishes of the customer, the nature of the landscape elements, soil and vegetation. Also, climatic conditions, terrain, places of communication, well availability and calculation of water supply are taken into account. We create and offer you a project, incl. using computer programs 3D visualization. In the process of implementing the project, the designer-author carries out the author's supervision over carrying out works on landscape design and landscaping of the territory.


  • Landscape Design

    Landscaping projects are created for each site individually, taking into account the customer's ideas and wishes, terrain, soil, climate…

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  • Construction of fountains

    The fountain will give charm and originality to your site or interior. In the hot season, fountains are perfectly saved from the heat, they are given a coolness and freshness…

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  • Construction of reservoirs

    The pond is the most picturesque place in the garden. Ponds soothe and create a wet microclimate in your area, which is especially pleasant in hot weather…

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  • Phytodesign of interiors

    Thanks to professional landscaping you can create an atmosphere of harmony and beauty, improve air quality, feel modern comfort…

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Designing Design
For the design of landscape design specialist visits the site, develops a landscape plan, taking into account the characteristics of the landscape and the wishes of the customer. We create and offer you a project using computer programs 3D visualization. After this, the estimate is drawn up and the contract is concluded.


Implementation on the site
At this stage, we are implementing a previously prepared project. Using modern technologies, original design solutions, only high-quality materials and plants, the company "LandsUA" is able in the shortest time to turn your site into an image space, make your stay there more comfortable.


Professional care
Care for plants should be regular and professional. Each plant requires an individual approach. We are engaged in inspection of plants, diagnosis of pests, diseases and their treatment, irrigation and fertilizer, preventive works, the formation of the crown, loosening the soil.

Our advantages


Experienced Masters
With professionalism and creative approach we carry out each project.


Recent trends
To date, we can offer you the latest trends in the construction of reservoirs.


We give a guarantee on the reservoirs that we build.